Scroll to see about 80 hanging French Art Deco and Art Nouveau lights and chandeliers!

(click here to request additional photos of particular fixtures or just click on the highlighted "email Jack for the price" after the photo on this page and ask for more photos, of which I have MANY!)

A brief description follows each picture; most have been fully restored and rewired (meaning that they've been totally disassembled, replated in brushed nickel, "antiqued" to avoid that Born Yesterday look, reassembled and outfitted with new American sockets and wire) and are ready to hang and "light up your life!" If you look around the web at comparable quality French Art Deco chandeliers and light fixtures, you'll notice that my prices are reasonable in the extreme; they're a mere shadow of what they were when I exhibited them in my San Francisco showroom (now closed) or on, where I showed for four years. What you can't really see is how carefully/compulsively these items have been restored, how MY renovation work makes others' look, well, "wanting." In most instances these lights are in better condition than when they were brand new, nearly a hundred years ago (primarily because modern plating is superior by far, believe it or not).

Payment may be made by check or wire transfer only. Items will be packed by myself (for a nominal fee) and shipped by ground (or air, if desired), insured; packing and shipping estimates are available at your request.


(1) I might say "arguably" the most powerful, commanding light fixture I've ever had, but... where's the argument?! Brilliantly designed, this triangular (!!) wrought iron tour de force shows off four equally brilliantly designed and executed Schneider shades. Whoa! For that very special place in a very special home. Hanging at 23 inches long, it's about 14 in diameter. (e-mail Jack for the price and more photos)


(1-a) Here's a spell-binder, a sunburst French Art Deco chandelier sporting six Ezan opalescent shades! Opalescent shades look fabulous lit, when their rich, warm gold tones are accentuated. Their "hint of blue" colors round out a dazzling presence (can you tell they're my favorites?!!). This fixture measures 26 1/2 wide (the shades are 8 inches in diameter themselves) and 32 long (additional pictures are available). Fully restored, including being disassembled and replated in a gorgeous brushed nickel finish! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(2) My critics have been caterwauling about the lack of Arts & Crafts/Mission on my site. Well, hopefully this beauty will cut short their wailings! It's about 18 inches long, overall, and made of solid copper, with a tubular, frosted glass insert. Perfect for your hobbit house's entryway, inside or out! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(2a) This sumptuous beauty was fabricated by none other than the famed Hettier-Vincent "Maison." The festively ornamented, thick glass ball measures about 10 inches in diameter, and the overall length of the fixture comes to 17 inches. The solid brass hardware has its original nickel finish, which has diminished over the many decades. But -- nice "antique" effect! And isn't that why we're here?!!

Peter scooped up this beauty for his home in Delray Beach! SOLD!!


(2b) I'll jump right into the breach and declare this to be the totally coolest fixture I've discovered in France in ages! Moderne sculpture, nothing less! Rewired and fitted with its three original French bayonet sockets, with an adapter I've installed (in each socket) so you can use American candelabra bulbs (60 watts each for a total of 180 watts) -- or, just go online and shop for the bayonet-mounting bulbs of your choice (a wide range, in American wattages). Love that Internet (sometimes). Solid brass, with its original painted green patina and chromed accents, an ultra-rare treasure!

If I'd had a place for this I would NEVER have SOLD it!!


(2c) Offering this very special, three-sided bowl by Noverdy -- a virtual festival of Art Deco geometry! Its rare shape and knock-out design contribute to making it perhaps Noverdy's most sought-after lighting bowl. Here mounted with my custom brushed-nickel hardware. It hangs around 18 inches long and is about 15 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(2d) Yes, the previous Noverdy bowl -- that geometric wonder! -- holds the title of "best" in some eyes, but this Noverdy is a serious contender for that #1 spot, depending on one's perspective about such lofty matters. Naturalists will prefer this gorgeous bowl, strewn as it is with nine panels of grapes and their leaves. It's 14 inches across and hangs down 16 as you see it here (it can be made to hang longer). Another French manifestation of "jewelry for the home." (e-mail Jack for the price)


(2e) Wow! Only the Czechs could rival the French with a masterpiece like this! Graduating glass beads, cobalt blue glass accents! Truly a dazzling beauty. It's on the small side, perfect for a lady's powder room, an entryway, perhaps a small room. It measures about 22 inches long, with a diameter of about 8. World Class, nothing less! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(3) A magnificently marked small (only 9 inches across!) alabaster lighting bowl. Its previous French owners were less than attentive, but it's still got plenty of life in it! It hangs down around two feet as shown, but chain links can be taken out to shorten it.

Gone but the memory lingers... SOLD!!


(4) An impressive French Art Deco chandelier featuring a stylized leaf motif, with original glass (signed) by Degue. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 33" long, 26" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(5) Looking for some serious atmo? This Nouveau-era patinated wrought iron French fixture, adorned as it is with three (signed) Degue multi-colored art glass shades, will provide it! An elegant configuration if ever there was... Don't bother asking if its formidible length (36 and a half inches) can be shortened, it can't! Perfect for your Victorian room or Parisian apartment.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(5a) Could it possibly be that you're someone who wants what no one else has?! Join the club! And with this hanging prominently in your home you're guaranteed to be the President of "Le Club Unique." The glass "shades" have an interesting pattern on them, not visible in this mere photo, and each shade has a small hole in the top for heat escapement. The fixture's about 25 inches long, 17 in diameter. Your guests will be scratching their heads wondering not only where you found this, but how it could ever have been created in the first place! You'll just shrug and say, "Well, it's French."(e-mail Jack for the price)


(5b) Now just how French do you like it?! Exquisite shades, gold-patinated brass, and that outrageous, overblown canopy, a visual feast in itself! Perfect for a short-ceiling entryway or room or hallway. It hangs about 12 long, 16 across.

This beauty is SOLD, and to my delight it's now lighting up a room in San Francisco!


(5c) This splashy little turn-of-a-couple-of-centuries-ago fixture will enliven any hallway, entryway, or small room lucky enough to host it. It hangs about 17 inches long overall, every inch packed with dynamite. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(7) A French Art Deco chandelier in the elegant, high style of the master designer and fabricator Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, with subtle, mottled glass shades (probably Schneider). Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 34" long, 20" across.

Quality this high doesn't "hang around" for long...SOLD!!


(8) A long, classic French Art Deco chandelier (unsigned but certainly by Des Hanots), with six large "slip" shades and three matching "tulipes." Note the (typically French) contrast between the spare, geometrical designs on the shades and the lush, organic stylized floral designs on the metal. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 40" long (including that extra-long finial at the bottom), 21" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(9) Spellbinding?! That would be one superlative, and I can think of many more! It's by Muller, of course. You doubtless noticed the amazing detail and complexity of the designs on the glass. Hanging at 37 inches long and having an ample diameter of 30, this grande dame needs a salon to command, and command she will! Just replated in my signature brushed nickel (over wrought iron), and rewired and fitted with American sockets.

Now hanging in Bill's amazing Park City Pad! SOLD!!


(10) The final word in French lighting bowls could perhaps be this blaze of geometry by Pierre d'Avesn, master glass artist and craftsman whose career began with employment by Rene Lalique, during which time d'Avesn created several of Lalique's (presently) most sought-after pieces. Unusally large, with a diameter just under 17 inches. A virtual "tour de force!"

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(11) A sparingly-designed French Art Deco/Moderne chandelier with ribbed ball shades of mottled glass. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. AND I'm able to offer a choice of shades, which you see in the second photo! The shades are actually a little deeper amber than represented in the photo. Ask to see other photos if you want. About 32" long, 21" across.

All packed up and shipped to Melinda's new home! SOLD!!


(12) What a great hanging Modernist ball, with its mottled glass and gold decorations! The highly stylized chromed fitter and canopy are original, the chain replaced. It's even equipped with its original porcelain socket, and heat-resistant wire has been installed, so you can comfortably use a 100-watt bulb. Of course CFL bulbs burn cooler and look terrific. The ball's about 7 1/2 inches across and as shown, the entire affair hangs down around 30 inches. Chain can easily be subtracted. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(12a) The cased glass shade suggests the presence of a Japanese lantern, suspended by hand-hammered, hand-wrought iron from La Belle France -- such an international marriage! It measures about 32 long and the shade is 8 1/2 in diameter.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(12b) Here's another French fixture ideally suited for a short-ceiling entryway, hallway, or small room. The American shades are from the same period (another Franco-American marriage made in Heaven) ! The metal's all solid brass, and whereas it definitely has an "antique" appearance, you can polish it to your heart's content.



(13) A French chandelier from the 40s or early 50s, of wood, copper, and chromed brass. The chrome finish is original and in excellent condition. Fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 32" long, 26" across. (These shades may have been replaced with similar shades.)

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(14) A classic four-light French Art Deco wrought iron chandelier with unsigned but very high quality glass. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over wrought iron), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 32" long, 20" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)



(15) An usually configured, intriguing Art Deco four-light with high quality glass shades. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 23" long, 16" across.

I'll never understand how this stayed around for so long, but FINALLY.... SOLD!!


(16) Rich harvest colors and a large 40cm bowl bring this Muller chandelier into the pantheon of "dazzling!" Perfect for your hillside Napa weekend getaway, with its grape-evoking purples! It hangs at about 35 inches long, but that gorgeous antique chain can be shortened if necessary. With an ample diameter of about 28, you're assured a commanding presence. The original hardware has a decidedly Art Nouveau feel, note the whiplash motifs on the shade-holders. This makes it early, Ca. 1910 -- a real prize!

Authentic Art Nouveau connoisseurs are far ahead of their time! SOLD!!


(17) A deep, rich bronze patina and the rather Secessionist look of the metal's decorations (note the rectangles) propel this fixture "ever upward!" The slightly amber-tinted shades by Donna (a Parisian lighting company of the Deco era) complete an unusual and elegant picture. About 30" long, 15" diameter.

Gone from my clutches, but... lucky new owner, Thomas in Minneapolis! SOLD!!


(18) Probably bronze (judging by the impressive weight), with its original chrome plating, in very good condition; heavy, larger-than-normal, exquisitely decorated shades by Muller, top caliber. Fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 30" long, 20" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(19) At 34" long and having a diameter of about 27, this luscious wrought iron chandelier will add some "gravitas" to your scene! The glass is really special, as you can see. The magnificent center bowl is signed Muller, and the satellite shades are unsigned but of tip-top quality, with similar design elements as the Muller. A match made in Heaven!

This just flew out the door -- Jordan and his wife LOVE it!! SOLD!!


(19a) And speaking of Muller, how about a drum roll for this gorgeous bowl!? Muller's lighting glass designs were rich with stylized Deco motifs, as this very special bowl attests. The canopy and other hardware is all plated in brushed nickel, giving this that "jewelry for the home" look of elegance. About 14 inches across, hanging about 16 inches long as shown (it can be increased in length for $$). Another tour de force by les Freres Muller. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(20) A particularly rare (signed) small Degue shade with geometric patterns and fruit on the bottom. Disassembled, replated in brushed nickel (over solid brass), antiqued, fitted with one American candelabra socket, and rewired. About 20" long, 6" across, suitable for an entryway, hallway, or small room.

It appears I've sold this Degue, insofar as I can't find it!!


(21) A French Moderne fixture with a heavy, pyramiding frosted shade of very high quality. The shaft is wood, painted black to contrast with the nickel and aluminum. Disassembled, fitted with an American porcelain socket, and rewired. About 27" long, 10" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(22) All-original, blown glass Murano "harp" fixture with brass fittings. Rewired and fitted with an American socket. About 24" long, 13" across. Quite perfect for your small room, entry or hallway.

It took forever for this to find its "rightful owner," but... SOLD!!


(23) Atelier Petitot created this French Moderne wonder. The original chrome plating is in excellent condition, having been cleaned and polished. The fixture has been fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 29" long, 25" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(24) Hanging by a French fabric cordelier, this American Beauty from the 20s or so has a lovely opalescent glow about it. It's about 10 inches across and hangs down around 27, perfect for an entryway or small room. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(26) Over a hundred years old, this gilt-bronze Art Nouveau-influenced French chandelier sports American hand-blown (signed) Lustre Art shades, "calcite" with gold aurene interiors which glow a lusty gold when lit at night. Pardon me, but how sexy! The fixture itself was made in France anywhere between 1890 and 1910. How complex, asymmetrical, playful! It hangs 35 inches long and is about 26 in diameter. Gretchen, right here in California! This is one I will never forget!!


(27) An acid cut-back, hand-blown, 40-centimeter Le Verre Francais lighting bowl with its original hand-wrought iron hardware, in the "Mirettes" pattern. About 17" across; the length of about 35" can be shortened by taking out as much of the chain as you wish. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(28) Putti come, putti go. But this one, in gilded cast bronze, will steal my heart when he flies away. More magic from France: little porcelain roses, hand-blown floral shades. All in all, a tour de force. Hanging about 22 long, about 8 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(29) This early -- early!! -- Ca. 1910 Muller chandelier was probably inspired by a gentle French sunrise, a muted sky with delicate purples and rust colors with a hint of yellow-green opalescence (sound like the wine you're drinking?!). Perfect for the entrance to your wine cellar! Or, any other room where you want your guests to oooh and ahhh. It's about 28 inches in diameter and hangs about 37 long. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(30) A French Art Deco cast iron fixture with its original verdigris patina and a frosted glass tube, particularly well suited for an outside porch or entryway. Rewired and fitted with an American socket. About 25" long, 10" across.

Why this lasted even a month I'll never know, but now it's... SOLD!!


(31) If Sue et Mare's design esthetic isn't reflected in this chandelier, then I don't know my French Art Deco design! Oops, no challenges, s'il vous plait! Wonderful scroll work, non? It hangs down about 22 inches long and takes three 60-watt bulbs for a maximum output of 180 watts, certainly enough light for Scrabble at the dining table. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(32) A blazing "end of day" glass bowl and shades typically associated with 1930s Czech production (but probably French). Disassembled, cleaned and polished, fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 28" long, 26" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(33) Positively top-flight iron work, adorned by signed Muller Freres glass with its highly stylized Art Deco geometric and floral motifs. It was commonplace for French fixtures from this period to combine seeming opposites -- naturalistic, organic iron work and "hard" geometric designs. This huge fixture measures 27 across and hangs 36 long. For a commanding entryway or perhaps over your French rosewood dining table?

Winging its way to Michigan, even as I write... SOLD!!


(34) A three-light fixture in the manner of Boretti, the notable Lyonnaise Art Deco lighting manufacturer, with its original nickel plating and two-tone acid patina. Fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. About 34" long, 24" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(35) An unsigned, 1915 vintage art hand-blown glass, wrought iron fixture in the manner of Muller or Noverdy or Degue. Fitted with American candelabra sockets and rewired. About 32" long, 26" across.

Yet another one that got away... SOLD!!


(36) A combination solid brass and spelter (white metal, but made according to high French standards) with its original nickel plating (now resembling pewter), in very good condition. The top quality shades are especially fanciful, which isn't transmitted in this photo (ask me for additional pictures). Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. About 16" long, 16" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(37) A formal French fixture consisting of a solid brass canopy supporting, with rope, a ribbed, three-sided brass shade holder, with shades by the Parisien firm of Donna (unsigned). Fitted with American candelabra sockets and rewired. About 31" long, 15" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(38) A spare, graceful wrought iron fixture, Ca. 1930. Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. The frosted shades pictured can be replaced with 3-color art glass shades by Delatte or, if you prefer, three frosted glass shades in the manner of those you see here. About 27" long, 18" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(40) A powerfully designed, classic Art Deco geometric design by the famed Hettier-Vincent company, with its original bronze patina in excellent condition. The fiery opalescent shades are from a later time, late 30s or possibly even 40s, gloriously designed and with fitting gravitas for their new home. Rewired, fitted with American candelabra sockets. About 28" long, 22" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(41) A striking French Art Moderne, "Machine-Age" 5-light fixture. Disassembled, replated in polished chrome (over solid brass), and fitted with American candelabra sockets; rewired. About 23" long, 28" across. FIVE sockets = good for 300 watts of light! (e-mail Jack for the price)


Sandra's got just the spot for this opalescent beauty! SOLD!!


(45) A large French Art Deco/Moderne fixture with six opalescent shades having blue and gold tones when lit. The original two-tone patina of the metal (solid brass with its original nickel finish) is in good condition. Needs re-wiring. Can be lengthened or shortened from the 36" as shown by adding or subtracting chain links; 32" across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(46) A fanciful, theatrical Art Deco/Moderne six-arm fixture with matching mottled glass central shaft, which lights from inside, in addition to the six surrounding globes, which are by Schneider (unsigned). With its original chrome (over brass) finish (with some losses); fitted with American candelabra sockets, and rewired. One of the decorative elements attached to the arms has a soldered repair and the shades have been replaced by larger, round ones (a photo is on the way). About 31" long, 30" wide.

Standing ovations will be the order of the day once this is hanging in Mary's new home! SOLD!!


(47) An unusual, rather unique alabaster shade with four decorative antique brass chain supports (there are typically just three). The alabaster has a large "dimple" on the bottom for additional visual appeal. Fitted with American candelabra sockets and rewired. About 26" long as shown (chains can be shortened); 14" across.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten... SOLD!!


(48) And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but this flock of five opalescent shades on a 1920s French slender, "barely there" fixture -- meant, of course, to emphasize the beauty of the shades. The 34-inch long fixture has its original nickel plating, but that plating has been dulled and otherwise compromised by the elements. So, you'll have to be "looking for a bargain," and be willing to be "flexible." The cherry on the banana split, this time: I've used the original French bayonet sockets (don't dismay, bayonet bulbs are readily available on our all-wonderful Internet). Changing those sockets out to American candelabra bulbs would take endless hours and basically prove pointless. Lots of additional photos available; just ask! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(49) What grace and lightness this wrought iron chandelier brings into a room! The shades are particularly splendid, being signed Schneider and besides gorgeous, super-rare! (Closeups available). This hangs about about 25" long, with a diameter of about 24". (e-mail Jack for the price)


(50) An unrestored copper and peach glass French Art Moderne fixture in the design manner of Petitot; needs rewiring, which of course I will do for you (I can even take it all apart and have it plated in brushed nickel, woo-woo, but for "big bucks")! About 30" long, 29" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(51) Oddly enough, this wonderful Modernist bowl had slipped through the cracks of my otherwise impeccably maintained inventory control. HA-HA! And someone a while ago wanted to buy it!! More's the pity, but here it is, back on the block, my having stumbled upon it in a far corner of my seldom-visited warehouse! It's a little smaller than "standard," about 10 inches wide, 12 on the diagonal, and as shown hangs down around 19 inches (which can be altered). Perfect for that small Moderne room, or entryway, or hallway. In the realm of French hanging bowls, this one's quite uncommon.

Perfect timing for Harlan and Shelley, who have the perfect room for it! SOLD!!


(52) A long, well-worked French wrought iron fixture with signed Schneider mottled white and orange art glass shades. Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. Mica has been cut and molded to fit into the center element, which hides two small sockets.) About 38" long, 19" across.

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.



(54) A massive, hand-wrought iron fixture with its original nickel finish and Noverdy glass, attributed to the noted ferronnier Henri Fournet. Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. About 31" long, 28" across.

Now hanging in sunny Florida at Bruce and Diane's and LOVING IT!! SOLD!!


(55) A significant Art Nouveau-era gilded brass chandelier with lead crystal glass shades in the manner of Baccarat or Val St. Lambert. Unrestored, needs rewiring. About 32" long, 26" across.

Yes, I managed to rewire this (how, don't ask!), and now it's in Gretchen's home, keeping company to the other fab Art Nouveau fixture she bought! SOLD!!


(56) A nickel-plated (original finish, original glass) wrought iron chandelier with signed art glass by Degue,Please make a selecti including an extra-large 40-centimeter bowl. Tell me this wasn't inspired by the glorious sunsets in autumnal France!! Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. It hangs down about 26 inches and is about 23" across. The nickel finish, as befitting its hundred-year-old age, is not quite like new (you like my euphemisms?).

Alas, STOLEN from my storage facility -- please call me if you see it -- 415 518 2123.


(57) American eggshell-thin shades with etched strawberries and leaves, from the same period as the French 3-light fixture (Ca. 1910), seem entirely happy together. It hangs down 15 inches and measures about 22 in diameter.

This sold lickety-split, nothing less! SOLD!


(59) One of a pair of American nickel-plated fitters (Ca. 1910) with particularly large French Art Deco shades of singular quality. Rewired, fit ted with standard-based porcelain sockets. About 10" long, 5" across. If you prefer to "buy American" I have a pair of Steuben verre de soie shades which, on these fitters, bring the house down! (e-mail Jack for the price or pictures with the Steuben shades)


(62) Gilded brass and hand-blown signed Noverdy art glass shades will contribute more than a splash of color to your room! It hangs down about 17 inches and is about 22 in diameter. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(65) A 1940s French opalescent glass fixture, rewired and fitted with American standard-based sockets (giving you the option of having at least 200 watts of light). Just refinished in "sparkling like a diamond" polished nickel. It hangs down about 11 inches and is 14 inches across, perfect for a small room, any room with a lower ceiling, an entryway.

This was a favorite, my being quite partial to opalescent glass! SOLD!!


(66) This one just "steals my heart," it's so blindingly beautiful! I'd say it's "transitional" rather than Art Nouveau, but why be picky?! It hangs down around 21 inches, with a diameter of about 18. The shades? Daum of Nancy, of course! For the true aficionado...(e-mail Jack for the price)


(67) What self-respecting francophile could resist a light with three goat heads and a spread-winged eagle?! With its original wheel-cut and frosted egg-shaped glass shade, not to mention a lovely antique patina on the solid brass fittings. Hanging 22 inches long as shown (chain can be added to make it longer, but it can't be shorter).

Sandra of West Pittston PA now basks in the light of this festival! SOLD!!


(68) Here's a true rarity -- a pink, eight-sided (well, four biggies and four minis) signed Degue bowl with wondrous Modernist design elements and its original pink-colored cordelier and rosettes. The canopy is a gem in itself, nickel-plated, patinated brass with a fabulous Art Deco design. Fitted with one American standard socket. Hanging about 22 inches long, 14 1/4 across the square sides, 18 1/2 on the diagonal, giving terrific presence. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(69) Three splendid, hand-blown American signed Quezal "calcite" art glass shades with gold aurene interiors adorn this fanciful, ornate 1910-vintage French solid brass chandelier, its original gold finish now largely having succumbed to Father Time's forces (all the more glorious for the true antique fancier!). Rewired and fitted with American candelabra sockets. Hanging about 29 inches long, 22 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(70) Here's my latest creation -- a gloriously beautiful flaired alabaster bowl -- natural stone!! -- with subtle but eye-catching veining on this one side (the rest is fairly plain, although some of the stone has a quartz-like appearance). I've lovingly restored it to perfection (it's smoother than Baby's bottom) and added my special hanging apparatus (brushed nickel tubes and canopy). It hangs down about 17 inches and is 13 3/4 across, perfect for a "modern ceiling" (For $100 extra I'll create an apparatus than will hang it to your custom length, and you can choose whichever canopy you prefer from the first two pictures on this page.) One bulb in the middle gives it a nice uniform glow. Don't let the camera fool you, the stone is white with gray and black veining.

Up, up, and away (and thanks, UPS)... SOLD!!


(71) This spare French wrought iron light showcases the gorgeous, hand-blown art glass (all signed Schneider) that adorns it, and wasn't that just the intention of the makers? Rewired, fitted with American candelabra sockets, ready to add rich ambience to your room... It measures 26 in diameter and hangs about 28 inches long. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(72) Something special for that child of yours who feels so materially neglected? Or... for your inner child who was, in fact, neglected all those years? Take it back! This gem will delight its new owner morning, noon, and night, guaranteed! French, of course, but totally rewired and outfitted by The Master. It's 8 inches across and hangs down about 26.

Jennie, down there in N'Orleans, just couldn't say no! SOLD!!


(73) Probably Hettier-Vincent (an entirely superior French company), with truly "stunning" -- ouch, I'm stunned! -- design and weight, quality up the ying-yang. The solid brass metal has just been re-plated in a jewelry-like brushed nickel finish, and given my famous antique patina. It hangs down about 26 inches as shown and the glass is about 6" square. What a hunk, would you believe the glass weighs 6 pounds just by itself?!! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(74) Ultra-rare gold and iridescent shades lend such an air of elegance to this French 1910-ish solid brass wonder. The embellishments give the appearance of licking flames... YUM! It hangs down around 25 inches as you see it. Rewired and all that business, of course! (e-mail Jack for the price)


(75) For the Sophisticated Collector -- a (signed) Wrought Iron Piguet Chandelier!
Charles Piguet practiced his craft in Lyon, France, and was one of the most distinguished wrought iron artists/craftsmen there in the 1920s.  In fact, his work appeared at the 1925 Paris Exhibition alongside that of the Parisien greats like Edgar Brandt and Paul Kiss.  What a rarity to have this extraordinary (signed) piece, the only one I have had the privilege to garner from the Mother Lode, La Belle France. Do I really need to say anything about that INSANELY decorative "canopy?!" The entire affair goes up against the ceiling, for a visual treat sans pareille. And, not to worry, the fixture hangs quite straight, the crookedness here is just the result of my photography. Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 38. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(76) This is one of the more unusual pieces that I've hauled out of France, where the appreciation level is, well, not quite up to ours.  But then, they have seen and lived with these things kicking around for decades, if not centuries, n'est-ce pas?!  At any rate, this piece of molded glass, besides its highly unusual and bizarre color, features four owl-like creatures whose eyes cleverly serve double-duty as fastening/hanging devices.  Zut alors!  Wouldn't it be perfect in your library, or dungeon?  I've fitted it with two American candelabra sockets, each capable of hosting a 60 watt bulb. Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 28.

And wouldn't you just know it, Christy took one look at this bizarre, zany bowl, went "totally nuts," and bought it! SOLD!!


(77) So, who needs electricity, anyway (especially in the New Normal of power outages)?!! My instincts tell me it's French, but I bought it here in the U.S., so who really knows? One thing's for sure, the craftsmanship is impeccable, in the manner of French Art Deco hand-wrought iron. Candlelight dinners? Too much romance for you? Move over!! Of course it can be wired for electricity, if you must... Meanwhile, enjoy the soft, delicate light of the five beeswax candles (or buy battery-powered "candles"). If you've toured through France lately, you'll recognize this as a fine example of what I'm now calling "chateau lighting!" It's about 24 inches across and hangs down 22. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(78) Your classic American Art Deco "skyscaper" glass lampshade, with gorgeous black decorations. It measures about 16 deep and 10 across. One tiny hole with no cracks emanating from it... basically immaterial (3/16" by 1/8"). A fabulous light source, wonderfully decorative.

So sorry, you're a bit late on this sculptural beauty... SOLD!!


(80) Another zinger from the Beeler collection! It speaks for itself and is in perfect condition. It measures about 11 x 11 plus the fitter for a total of about 16 inches long. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(82) Offering an extremely special French Art Deco 4-light chandelier! May I count the ways? Well, your eyes are no doubt drawn to the extraordinarily beautifully designed and executed glass! High style, top-of-the-mark Art Deco! The just-plated (in polished nickel) metal is solid brass, and decorated with stylized flowers like no tomorrow. This one hangs down around 31 inches and has a diameter of about 22. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(83) This "end of day" glass bowl really "pops" when lit, and the brighter the bulb the better! The myth of "end of day" glass holds that all the glass that wasn't used during the day was thrown into a vat (you know when) and ... voila! The colors of this particular bowl are especially vibrant; the dark spots (you can't tell from the photo) are little jewels of cobalt blue! This fixture provides another fine example of my custom mounting hardware -- brushed nickel squared tubing with a likewise brushed nickel-plated bronze canopy. The bowl measures about 14 inches across and as shown hangs about 17 down. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)

(84) Presenting none other than the famed French "monte et baisse" (raise and lower) application. One grabs the ring (never a bad idea metaphorically) and pulls the light to the desired level. How handy! This concept (no doubt radical in its time) came into play perhaps around 1910 or earlier, and generally the examples you'll encounter look it! But when, may I ask, have you seen the monte et baisse done up in Art Deco clothing, as in all-aluminum, not to mention the sleek styling of the latter part of that Deco run, the Modernist esthetic? In conclusion, is this not "museum worthy?" As shown, it hangs down 19 inches overall; it can be drawn down to a total of about 38! (e-mail Jack for the price)


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