(A) Here’s one of the more interesting flush-mount fixtures from the 20s or 30s.  Gorgeous colors, great shape (eight-sided), excellent decoration.  It will coordinate nicely with your Secessionist décor, or your Nouveau or Deco surroundings.  There’s a corner that’s suffered a little damage, you can see a tiny hole in the photos.  Turn it to the back, no one but you will ever know it’s there, and (bonus!) it will allow for a little heat escapement.  In great condition except for what I’ve mentioned.  The fitter is new and easy to install.  If you’d prefer the fitter in chrome, no problem, it’s yours.  Measurements: about 7 ¼ top to bottom, 8 ¼ across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(B) Offering one of the all-time great flush mount fixtures from the 20s or so.  A pair is available!!  Gorgeous color, exquisite artwork/decoration, classic Deco lines.  If you prefer a chrome fitter over the brass one you see in the photos, it’s yours.  The fitter is new, of course (easily installed). Measurements: about 9 ½ long, 6 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(C) Offering a handsome Art Deco “skyscraper” or “wedding cake” fixture from the 20s or 30s.  The fitter (easily installed) is new and available in chrome if you prefer that finish – no extra charge.  The decoration is pure Deco, with its geometric design and stylized floral motifs, both of which enhance the overall geometric aspects of the glass.  A warm-ish glow radiates from this (depending on your choice of bulb), especially at night.  I have a pair available!!  Perfect condition! Measurements: about 10 inches long by 5 ½ across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(D) Here's an interestingly designed 20s or 30s flush-mount fixture with floral decorations.  The fitter is new (and easily installed); it’s available in chrome at no extra charge if you prefer that finish.  As you can see there’s a bit of paint missing on the bottom of the glass – the red circles are incomplete.  Only the most OCD guest will notice this and do you really want them crawling over everything in your house, anyway?  I usually have them sit in their car outside for a while, if they’re even capable of cooling off.  There is a tiny, tiny, ding (pinhead sized) on the edge of the bottom, not worthy of a photo but worthy of mention for full transparency.  You’ll only find it if you close your eyes and run your finger around the edge.  It’s superficial, not going through the glass. Measurements: about 8 ½ long, 8 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(E) Wow, if this one fabulous or what!!??  The finish is “interesting” as is the rest of it, the crème-colored area having a kind of matt finish.  Wonderful floral decoration!  Perfect for that old-timey kitchen or laundry room in a movie set!  Or your home!  As you can see the paint on the very bottom (point) is a little thin… maybe the French maid got a bit aggressive with it.  Otherwise, the condition is near-mint.  When lit it’s just as pretty as it looks in the photos.  The fitter (easily installed) is new and available (at no extra cost) in chrome if you prefer that finish. Measurements: about 7 long, 9 ½ across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(F) This is that terrific crackle-glass look that we see on the best Frankart statues’ glass shades -- and that deep orange/amber color that we associate with those great American lamps.  The stepped design is “perfect Deco.”  The easily-installed fitter is new and if you prefer one in chrome it’s yours at no extra cost.  Looks great in a hallway or small room. Measurements: about 8 long (including the finial) by 6 across. (e-mail Jack for the price)


(G) This perky little number from the 20s or 30s hung outside for a while and the weather had its way with it.  So, the top section’s paint is very pale or missing altogether, and you can also see that some of the lines around the peripheries are compromised.  The easily-installed fitter is new and available in brass if you prefer (no extra cost). Any way you look at it, the geometric design is striking; it’s still got a lot of visual appeal and is good for another 100 years at least! Measurements: about 10 ½ long, 6 ¼ across. (e-mail Jack for the price)