(A) Falguiere's Diana starts the show, haughty and self-satified wench that she appears to be. She's just under 10 inches tall, and what a deep rich patina, way bettah than any tanning salon could provide. I'm in love with that flippant shoulder, myself. She rests on a small plinth of black plastic about a half inch high.

Enough with the attitude around here! SOLD!!


(C) Another bust, this one porcelain and 17 inches high, is this lovely Asian or Eurasian, or Afro-Asian Art Deco woman, perched upon a faux-painted wood plinthe. The glaze has a subtle crackle finish, barely discernible in this photo. The muted colors, the hair style, the crook of the neck -- it's "ooo-la-la" time again in the hen-house, n'est-ce pas? Would you believe this was made in Denmark (it's marked on the base of the porcelain)? I now think of Denmark as "in the Deco game" par excellence!! (e-mail Jack for a price)



(E) Another figure more "sculpture" than figurine, all done up in her verdigris patina, here caught dallying and sunning dans le nue, dans le jardin. She's 22 inches tall and signed MARTAUS. (e-mail Jack for a price)



(F) Our Rubenesque dame is a Dane, no less, by TINOS (signed on the back). This gorgeous sculpture measures over 11 inches in diameter and weighs over seven pounds!! A must for your international naked lady collection! (e-mail Jack for a price)


(G) Probably by Cipriani, the famed Italian sculptor, this model will remain an head-turner. Exquisitely carved and fashioned from alabaster, on a marble plinth. She measures 15 high, nearly 13 wide, and 7 deep. (e-mail Jack for a price)


(G) And this spelter beauty is by Garcia. Garcia?! Who knows, maybe our Spaniard sculpted her when on vacation in France! It was not uncommon for sculptors of "sensitive subjects" to employ pseudonyms during this period! I mean, how potentially embarrassing (but hardly comprehensible in our era of shamelsss selfies...)! Our beauty stands 9 tall and is in very good condition.

(e-mail Jack for a price)


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