(B) Here's a not-your-everyday item, a gilt-bronze finished, very fanciful Art Nouveau chandelier sporting American art glass shades (signed Lustre Art). The shades are calcite on the outside, gold aurene on the interior. The fixture itself was made in France around 1900. It's complex, asymmetrical, playful. It hangs 35 long, and is about 26 in diameter. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(C) An Art Nouveau-ish French chandelier of significant grace and presence, to say the least! The intricately detailed metal is gilt-bronze, the shades frosted and cut crystal by Val St. Lambert or Baccarat, or a French glass company of similar stature; they ring appropriatey, like your fine crystal wine goblets. It measures 33 long, 24 wide. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(D) Are those turkey talons gripping the glass in honor of Thankgiving!? The "organic/natural" look of French Art Nouveau... with a hint of Schneider in terms of color and shape, not to mentnion the high quality of the design of the metal mounts. The center "bowl" has a small crack in it, mostly under one of the talons, but I consider it inconsequential in the respect that with "normal use" and care there won't be a problem. Overall the fixture hangs at about 24 inches, it's about 16 across. What a cutie! Just right for an entryway, a hallway, or a small room. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


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