The Decorum Poster, entitled "Tip of the Wings" (an aeronautical salute), was created in 1987 as Decorum's commemorative gesture to the 50-year anniversary celebration of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. Decorum was a splendid Art Deco Emporium on Market Street at the time (it's more splendid now at 1400 Vallejo Street, at the foot of Russian Hill).

The Decorum Poster features two quintessential Art Deco icons -- the 23-piece German airplane cocktail shaker and the Golden Gate Bridge. In full color, and boasting a hand-tinted black and white photo (for that "old time" effect), "Tip of the Wings" was run off by the finest old-fashioned printing shop in San Francisco, on heavy paper stock and with exceptional precision and excellence of color. It measures 16 1/2 by 21 inches. Yours will be artist-signed by Yours Truly; it's already dated 1987 and my name appears on the bottom right-hand corner. Price: $35 plus $4 for the tube and whatever's shipping.

Wrap it up, Jack; I'll take one!!

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