(A) Such gloriously vivid colors on this unsigned French bowl with three shades! The ironwork is as superior as the glass, a tour de force in any language! It hangs about 33 inches long. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(C) A hand-blown signed Muller suspension delights the eye this time, with its fiery red, orange and purple, a classic and classy color combo plate. The bowl is 40 cm across, larger than the standard 35 cm, and so it will lend more presence to your room ("What's a centimeter?!" This bowl measures about 16 inches across...). The hand-wrought iron leaf-shaped rosettes and canopy are such delightful naturalist manifestations! All hand-made, of course, including every link of those three chains!

SOLD to a true aficiondo...


(F) An Art Nouveau French chandelier of significant grace and presence, to say the least! The intricately detailed metal is gilt-bronze (in this photo it hasn't been cleaned up yet, lazy bum that I am), the shades frosted and cut crystal by Val St. Lambert or Baccarat, or a French glass company of similar stature. It measures 33 long, 24 wide. Available re-wired or not!

I ended up rewiring this Bad Boy myself, and I'll say, immodestly, that it was the most challenging one ever! SOLD!!



(K) Are those turkey talons gripping the glass in honor of Thankgiving!? The "organic/naturalistic" look of French Art Nouveau... and no complaints from this shoemaker! The center "bowl" has a small crack in it (I had to buy it anyway, just couldn't resist!), the result of some overzealous nut tightener. Overall the fixture hangs at about 24 inches, it's about 16 across. What a cutie! Just right for an entryway, a hallway, or a small room!

Awwwww.... SOLD!!



(M) This very special Schneider wrought iron fixture hangs about 40 inches long, so you'll want it over a table or in your high-ceiling Parisian apartment. The signed Schneider shades are of consummate quality, heavy and smooth as a baby's cheek (aren't I circumspect?). There are three sockets inside the leafy metalwork above the shades, which either can be taken out or... how about this: I cut amber sheets of mica to go behind the leaves and shield the glare of the bulbs? The mica would blend nicely with the deep orange color of the shades and give the fixture a whole new dimension. Do we have a match made in Heaven? Your choice! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(N) Truth be known (and how seldom it is!), I've let this extraordinarily vibrant Degue chandelier gather dust in my warehouse for 12 YEARS!!! Thanks to my selling my dining room chandelier right out from under myself (that's kind of like running a three-legged race, an "awkward affair"), I needed a replacement. Once I restored it and fired it up, I had to refrain from kicking myself around the block several times. I mean, this has GOT to be one of the most beautiful fixtures art glass I've ever had!!! The colors in the glass are transfixing, or did I mean electrifying? In either case, if you buy it I'll be moaning and groaning for months! Perfect for a "shorter" ceiling (mine is a little more than 9 feet), it only hangs down 26 inches (doubles nicely as a salad bowl), but it's 34 inches in diameter, so it fills the room very nicely. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)