(A) Here's a beautifully proportioned, fully restored pair of wrought iron sconces by Degue. The iron backs have been plated in brushed nickel and then patinated. The result? "Jewelry for the home." They're 13 inches top to bottom, 10 1/2 across, and they project about 6 1/2 from the wall. Lucky you, I have a ceiling fixture with these same shades, for your decorative tour de force!

Bruce & Diane stepped up and grabbed these AND the matching fixture!! SOLD!!


(B) And... if the previous pair got you going, just take a gander at these beauties!! Same signed Degué shades, but this time backed by brushed nickel-plated cast bronze. Just how we like our "jewelry for the home!!" They have what I call "serious presence," measuring 14 high, 11 wide (across the top) and projecting 6 1/2 inches. Wow...

All gone! Jack (yes, there's another Jack and his last name isn't Nicholson!) swooped down and eagle-like carried them off! SOLD!!



(C) Words! Shall I compare these deco/moderne sconces to a summer's day?! Ah, but summer days come and go; the sconces remain! Just acquired, being utterly irrestible. Solid brass, each with three peach glass "wings" descending. Each sconce measures 12 inches across and projects about 6 1/2 inches from the wall; including the glass, they're about 6 1/2 inches top to bottom. Each piece of glass is slightly compromised (code for "chipped") on its tip -- oh, those careless French, that Fifi the maid!! But we still have tour de force design to delight us. Each sconce is equipped with its original French socket, rewired and adapted for American use; each is capable of hosting a 60-watt bulb. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(D) I've outfitted these totally fabulous wrought iron sconces with fabric, which amplifies their rather Seccessionist look, n'est-ce pas? They're 14 inches wide, project about 6 inches from the wall, and are about 8 inches high. In other words, as subtle as they are, they have PRESENCE! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(G) The shades on these fanciful sconces are quite special, something that doesn't translate via mere photograph. The metal has its own qualities, from the gentle curve at the top to the cascading flowers on the back plate. They measure about 14 inches top-to-bottom. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(I) A smashing pair of French sconces by Degué, with nickel-plated wrought iron frames; approximate dimensions 11x7. Great design work on the metal! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(J) Here are two solid copper Moderne French wall sconces, each outfitted with discs of that ever-so-warm French peach glass which is the better part of a half-inch thick! The"shades" are a candle-style, opalescent white glass, which cover a thin tubular bulb (reconfigured for American candelabra bulbs). They're quite chic! Of course it's impossible to show in a mere photograph, but when lit they're quite stunning... and "unusual" isn't a strong enough word. If the cat's got your tongue, and you're looking for a conversation piece, this could be the high-water mark of your career. They measure about a foot high, about 11 inches wide. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(N) Now these were tough to photograph, so I'm including other views. You have to imagine them on the wall, at or slightly above the plane of your eyesight, so you don't see the interior of the rectangle. On the bottom of each sconce is a frosted panel of glass, and another copper decorative element below it. I have three of these, two exactly matching, one slightly shallower. Including the shades, dimensions are: 15 1/2 wide, 8 1/2 deep, about 6 high. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



 (R) Here's a rather unusual pair of sconces, to say the least! They're solid brass with a freshly brushed nickel finish, sporting equally unusual pressed glass shades. They project from the wall about 9 inches, so don't think about putting them in your narrow hallway! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


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