Such an embarrassment of riches!!! Arguably the finest table/desk lamp I've ever had, impoverished collector that I am. Dare I say it? Yes: museum-worthy, this, like, totally awesome French Art Nouveau desk or table lamp with its signed, acid cut-back, multi-colored Le Verre Francais shade. Seventeen inches tall, perfect antique condition, a once-in-a-lifetime moment!

As befitting "the best," this FLEW out the door! SOLD!!! As impolite as it is to have a sold item on the site, I can't resist leaving this here for those who might appreciate it as much as I.


(A) Sporting a signed Daum Nancy shade, this silver-plated brass, 23-inch high Art Nouveau lamp is certainly the current prize of my Nouveau lamp collection! The graceful swanlike curve, the stylishly decorated's ooo la-la time here on the old farm. There's some silver loss (that over-zealous Fifi the French maid again!), lending it even greater air of antiquity! (e-mail Jack for a price)


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