(B) This piece just "stole my heart" -- and half my wallet -- when I first saw it. The three little carved alabaster birds are perched on a richly colored urn, which is in exquisite condition, with beautiful markings. It stands 14 inches high at the top rim, and is about 9 1/ inches wide. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(G) Late 19th Century or early 20th, this 21-inch Directoire lamp can be used with candles or I can electrify it for you (it has been electrified in the past). The metal shade travels up and down on the shaft by turning the arrow. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(H) This classic beauty has a chip in the top, which you can just make out at the back/top in this photo (you can turn the top part to almost entirely obscure it). The white alabaster has a slightly creamy cast to it, and glows a golden hue at night. It's 20 inches tall, about 12 wide.

(e-mail Jack to start the conversation)

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