(A) And from the roaring forties comes a large and impressive, highly decorative wrought iron "wall tree" (the more prosaic term being "coat rack"). With its beautiful dark green patina (with gold highlights), it measures 42 inches high, 39 1/2 wide and 9 deep at the top. The mirror itself (not what you see in this photo) has that "antiqued" look, but it can easily be replaced (by me) if you want a new mirror. What a fantastic "statement" at your front door! Too bad you'll have it all covered up with coats and grocery bags. Such is the fate of fine art... (e-mail Jack for a price)


(B) Here's a fabulous piece of French history I've been saving for myself... for decades... only to ultimately admit I don't have the "perfect" spot for it. Harumph! So, here it is, reluctantly for sale -- to your benefit! The wood is that precious and gorgeous rosewood, and otherwise we have chrome-plated brass and/or polished aluminum. A "tour de force," non? Thirty-four inches wide altogether, 19 high, and projecting 9 from the wall. The mirror swivels. (e-mail Jack for a price)


(C) The balls have seen a lot of jeuvenile action, but that doesn't bother me, the whole package being as irresistable as it is (spray them whatever color you like, or just leave them "as is"). Who knows whimsy like the French? It's about 20 1/2 wide and 8 1/2 high. (e-mail Jack for a price)


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