(A) Dolphins are allowed to play in my house, what about you?! This (yes, I'll say it!) extraordinary lighting fixture is made of solid brass; some parts are copper-plated and artfully patinated. It's about 17 inches across and it hangs down about 21 inches, as shown. I say "as shown" because it can be affixed to the ceiling as you see it, or I can add chain and a canopy between the top element and what you see. Thus it can be lengthened another 10 inches or so. The peach glass shade, in its sublime Modernist simplicity, has all the ambiance of a Petitot design. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(E) This usually-configured Deco-era chandelier has a lovely simplicity and an attractive about it. The canopy is solid brass, as is the apparatus which holds the three unsigned "Donna" (a Parisian glass and chandelier company) shades. Violet-colored ropes connect the two. Hangs at 31 long, about 15 across. Jump on it! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(G) I'm especially drawn to this configuration, doubtless (another) French design innovation, with the fourth light at the top; how refined it is! Excellent for a shorter ceiling, having a length of only 22 1/2 inches, an approximate diameter of 16. The metal's finish -- freshly refinished brushed nickel, which has a lovely sheen and subtlety to it. Another piece of "jewelry for the home." Cheaper than a bracelet from Tiffany's! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



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