(A) This is my latest heart-throb, a positively smashing Degué four-light with bowl. The wrought iron is decorated beautifully along every last centimeter, as you might expect. About 30 long, 29 across.




(B) Fresh from Jack's famous restoration cannon, this exquisite Modernist beauty hangs about 17 inches long and is about 22 inches across. The metal is all solid brass and it's just been entirely rechromed; the glass is all original, and perfect! Rewired, it takes three bulbs, so you'll have lots of light.

SOLD at a chillingly low price!



(C) It took three dogs' ages to get up the energy to restore this monster, but aren't you glad I did? The nickel finish is original and in A1 condition; as for the chestnut leaves and nuts motif, ain't it positively the nuts?! About 39 long, 38 across; if you have a shorter ceiling than this would warrant, no problem, I can shorten the rods. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(D) An original chrome finish in excellent condition (a rarity in itself!) supports four light pink glass elements. It's about 28 inches long, a delightful minimalist design which celebrates the beauty of the glass and its fetching color. Rewired, of course. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(F) Such grace, such elegance! And, a fixture with authority, I should say! The finish is chrome, and original and in super condition; the shades are extra-large and in the design manner of Degué, as if I needed to tell you experts! Hangs about 31 long, 19 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(G) Here's a rare Modernist show-stopper by Petitot, one of the more revered French lighting designers. The little "wings" on each corner are acid-etched with a Modernist design, as is that massive piece of glass (about 38 by 22 inches). I've installed four sockets inside the housing so you'll be able to light it up to your heart's content. It's been totally refurbished, including chrome-plating, wiring, you name it (the standard here at Decorum). This just kills over a dining table! That would be a Leleu dining table, 'natch!

So sorry, but a delicious memory! SOLD!!



(H) Chrome, copper and wood, a likely combination!! Hence my delight when I stumbled upon this one in La Belle France. I suspect it was fabricated in the 40's, but who knows, perhaps the late 30's. After all, who was doing much of anything in France in the 40's besides recovering from The Second you-know-what? In impeccible condition, measuring 32 long, about 26 wide. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(I) Robert probably designed this beauty; with such stellar Art Deco motifs could it be otherwise? I've created the hanging apparatus, and I'm ready to stand up and take credit for that! It hangs about 20 long, 8 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(J) This tribute to the brilliance and fortitude of the French ferronnier just pleases me to no end. Can you imagine how many hours Pierre and Henri pounded away at this chef d'oeuvre, sweat pouring from their brows (and the hysterical thing is, I just found out that the metal is "probably" attributed to none other than Henri Fournet!)? They teamed up with Noverdy for the glass, which features highly stylized roses in the Art Deco manner. The center bowl is 40 centimeters across, 5 more than the more standard 35 cm, giving it extra presence. This fixture, with its original nickel finish, hangs about 31 long, 28 across; and of course with six sockets it can light up the world. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(K) This is probably the work of the famed Lyonnaise workshop of Boretti, judging from the bold design of the arms (and not to mention that I purchased it in Lyon!). With three beautifully acid-etched glass shades, it hangs about 34 long, 24 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(L) I've seen this glass attributed to Schneider and Gilles, but regardless of who made it, top drawer! Thick, beautifully decorated, a "design surprise" at every turn (upon that close examination that you're sure to make). The hand-wrought iron isn't exactly insignificant, with a variet of embellishments that will delight your eye for decades to come. And... recently nickel-plated and patinated by MOI, the Restoration Junkie. Dimensions: 34 long, 20. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(M) More French design brilliance in this glass! Smooth as Baby's behind, thanks tothe miracle of acid-etching. It hangs 27 inches long, 10 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(N) And from the other, more classic and ornate end of the Art Deco design spectrum, this "darts and farts" motif that could as easily adorn an army colonel's cap bill. It hangs 24 inches long, 12 across. With its original metal apparatus, the very soul of simplicity (thereby giving all the attention to the glass); just replated in satin nickel.

Gone to Jolly Olde England...SOLD!!



(O) More eye candy from the French ferronnier! Perfect for a small room, even a closet that you want to "dress up." It hangs just 13 inches long, 6 across.

And just how long might this "hang around?" SOLD!!


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