(F) Here's a photo from my last (and I mean LAST!!) show. Since it's my VERY LAST show I'm selling my French chromed display stand, which you see here showing off a few of the gems I exhibited at the show. The three glass shelves are custom-made, 48 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick (for that extra "rich look"). The hardware is all made out of solid brass and has its original chrome finish. Each shelf can be raised or lowered. I've got the unit screwed onto a standard six-foot long show table, and guess what -- I'm including it with the stand! That's because I've custom-drilled it just to serve the purpose here. And, I'm including the black table cover as well (fire retarded, it meets all the show specs). If it isn't already obvious to you, this display unit is about as eleganza as it gets! Pure French Modernist/Art Deco, fit for a king, queen or even prince of the trade. Or not! Why not have this unit in your home, showing off that collection of Tiffany, Longwy, or pre-Columbian pottery? You don't have to use it with the table, you just have to be able to anchor it in some device. (e-mail Jack for a price)

In this photo you can see how the stand sits on the table, with the back support providing stability.



(K) You're wondering what this is doing here? It was my grandfather's, let's leave it at that! Signed Royal Doulton, of course, and with a sterling stopper. It's about 7 inches high, and that slightly loaded fellow on the front, I guess, is none other than John Barleycorn. (e-mail Jack for a price)


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