(B) With its fresh chrome plating and resilvering, this mirror just gleams! The styling of the bird and fruit motifs is decidedly Moderne, so spare... 35 inches wide and 32 from the top of the chain to the bottom of the fruitcup, this shining example of French fancy has ample presence for an important spot in the home. (e-mail Jack for a price)



(E) This is one of my American favorites, showing wheel-etched sheaths of wheat on the left and right... about 30x40 inches...American, pas Francais... (e-mail Jack for a price)



(I) Foil-back cobalt glass accents make this such a special piece! It's about 28 inches across. Right! This is NOT a French mirror! (e-mail Jack for a price) 



(J) This mirror is going to SING once it's resilvered and the wood is touched up -- or silver leafed, even! It measures 30 wide by 50 high, a great size for an entryway. (e-mail Jack for a price)

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