(B) This totally unique lighting fixture, I'd have to say (as I wax poetic), is one in a million!! The mottled glass most certainly is by Schneider, though the shades are unsigned (I've had numerous French dealers identify the shades as Schneider). The wildly geometric metal, solid brass with its original chrome plating (somewhat compromised), takes us to dizzying Art Deco/Moderne heights. Pass the smelling salts!! Dimensions: 31 long, about 30 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(H) Ahem, but just think for an instant about the creativity that went into this fella! Hard to know where to focus first, eh? The splendid, complex canopy? The improbably decorated, whimsically designed bowl? Or those absolutely ONE OF A KIND rosettes (a rosette is what you see in the last picture). Well they won't be one of a kind for long, because I'm shamelessly about to reproduce them. You wouldn't pooh-pooh me if you had ANY idea how difficult it is to find great rosettes. And these are by sooooooo far the greatest I've ever seen in 30 years of traipsing around the globe in search of Beauty. The fixture hangs 28 inches long and is 14 across. Shown with its original metal apparatus in excellent condition. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(L) This cleanly minimalist French Modernist delight hangs 23 inches down and is about 28 across. It's freshly chrome-plated, and probably looks better than when it was brand new, back in the 20's or 30's (modern chrome plating eclipses the older method). The shades, with their spare, flying-saucer lines, seem perfectly suited to the esthethic of the metal. Rewired with a maximum wattage of 300 (five bulbs at 60 watts each). (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(M) Truly a Modernist delight! There's a pale blue cast to this glass, making this chromed fixture (the finish is over solid brass, and in excellent original condition) among the rarest. It hangs about 25 inches long and is about 16 in diameter. The design on the glass is either acid-etched or sand-blasted. Rewired and fitted with three sockets.

Now you see it, now you don't!! SOLD!!


(N) The firm of Hettier et Vincent is recognized as having very high standing in the realm of French Art Deco glass, and these 5 signed shades lend ample testimony to that notion (mon dieu, am I sounding a bit lawyerly today?!). OMG, aren't they cool?! Well, this geometric stunner hangs down a mere 23 inches and is about 18 across. Are you already envisioning it in your dining room? Oh, did I forget to gush about the metal?! This fixture has been totally disassembled, replated in brushed nickel, and patinated and rewired.

And just how long have you been admiring this? Jack took about ten seconds to say: MINE!! SOLD!!


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