It occurred to me in an uncommonly quiet and contemplative moment that I might consider putting down my big base drum long enough to let others chat me up. Clients, that is! Who better to assure you that the product you receive from me will be not just aesthetically thrilling but impeccably restored, refinished, rewired, and packed to survive even the most callous shipper or handler. So here, in their own words, exactly as I received them...

Hello Jack,

My package arrived on the 27th as projected and I finally had time to unpack it today.  As you promised all arrived intact and gorgeous.  I wasn’t charged any customs which was wonderful.  I’ve now learned that the limit is AUD1000 so that will be a good future reference. I can’t wait for the house to be finished so the fixture can be installed.  I love the design of the glass bowl as well as the nickel arms and light fittings.

You have provided superb service and I’m so grateful. Thank you very much!  If I need another shade I’ll definitely be back in touch with you.

Kind regards, Ruth


I had been seriously looking for a vintage Art Deco dining room chandelier to go in my 1927 house for about a month when I found the Decorum website and numerous beautiful chandeliers for sale.  I was particularly struck by the attention to the restorations and the selection of designs to fit the many décors encompassed by early 20th century Art Deco.  Knowing the prices of chandeliers offered on other websites, I was afraid to ask for prices.  But when I did ask, I was very pleasantly surprised that Jack’s prices were very reasonable compared with similar offerings elsewhere.  Jack was very patient in answering what probably seemed like an endless list of questions about the chandeliers, their restoration, and installation.  The final selection arrived, and I was impressed with how well the chandelier had been packed and how supportive Jack was with working with me and my electrician to complete the installation.  I then moved on to perusing Jack’s website to find the bowl fixtures that I wanted to use in the bedrooms to complete the transformation of my house with period-appropriate ceiling lights.  With the bowl fixtures, I particularly liked Jack’s craftsmanship in creating the hanging assemblies and his selection of canopies he casted from vintage designs.  After shopping at other websites and finding nothing to compare in appearance and price, I made my selections.  The bowl fixtures were again well packed and more attractive than in the pictures, with details in the glass that just were not visible in the pictures.  I enjoyed Jack’s knowledge of French Art Deco lighting fixtures, his mastery of their restoration, and his professionalism in our transactions.  After purchasing 4 ceiling fixtures, I am thoroughly satisfied with my buying experience and highly recommend Jack to others.  I would buy more fixtures, but I have run out of places to hang them.  Thank you, Jack.

Dorothy (Pennsylvania) -- February 2019


We are both on the Board of Directors of the Art Deco Society of Washington DC, so it was with enthusiasm that we renovated our home with a nod to the year it was built -- 1932. However, we endured bare wires sticking out of walls and ceilings for two frustrating years as we searched for suitable Art Deco fixtures for the dining room, kitchen and center hall.  Clearly, we needed help.  Then, we were referred to Jack's website.  After multiple emails and detailed pictures from Jack, coupled with some helpful advice, we decided that we must take a chance and go to California to meet Jack and to see his inventory first hand.  Everything we saw was better than the pictures, and we found stunning fixtures for every room.  Jack's lighting transformed the feel of the house.  We will be ever grateful for Jack's expertise and exemplary professionalism.

David & Kim


In October, 2016 I made an inquiry on a painting I saw on the Decorum website.  Over the next 2 months I was privileged to work with a very professional and knowledgeable gentleman on the purchase of the painting.  Mr. Beeler addressed the many questions I had regarding the piece of art and was more than transparent regarding every aspect of the sale. Subsequent to my initial inquiry I soon realized I was working with a gentleman of high integrity, and purchased the painting in early December.  I received the picture well-packaged and am delighted with the painting and the overall purchase experience.  I would highly recommend anyone seeing a picture of interest on this site to contact Mr. Beeler.

Sandie Lucero


I have been an Art Deco enthusiast for over 25 years and during that time have had the opportunity to visit Art Deco dealers and attend Modernism shows throughout the United States.  I have just completed a two-year renovation of a condo in a vintage building (1929) that I have decorated in the Art Deco style.  During the course of the renovation I updated my contacts with every Art Deco dealer that I could find.  In my experience Decorum is the best source for Art Deco lighting fixtures in the nation.

I say this for five reasons:

  1. The quantity and variety of the inventory is overwhelmingly wonderful.  It takes hours just to see and understand all the wonderful choices.
  2. The quality is unsurpassed esthetically and functionally.  Starting with beautifully designed fixtures, Jack has meticulously cleaned and rewired them so that they are up to current US standards.
  3. The pricing is competitive.  While not inexpensive, Jack’s fixtures are priced less than similar fixtures at other dealers.
  4. Unsurpassed product knowledge.  Jack has been a passionate collector/dealer of Art Deco lighting fixtures for decades.  During that time he has acquired an exhaustive knowledge of the subject that he is able to share with clients in a useful way.  While I was already working with an interior designer, Jack became a helpful consultant to the design team making an invaluable contribution.
  5. Excellent customer service.  Jack had the patience of a saint in responding to all the questions that both my designer and I had.  His handling of the packing and shipping of my selections was particularly appreciated.

The bottom line is that I spent a lot of money with Jack and I feel that every dollar was well spent.  After months of mulling and two site visits from my home in Chicago to Decorum in San Francisco, I wound up buying seven ceiling fixtures, five table lamps, one pair of sconces and one pair of decorative grills.  The fixtures that I bought from Decorum lifted my apartment from being ordinary to extraordinary.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Joe in Chicago


We started planning our kitchen remodel early this year, and I knew I wanted a French Art Deco chandelier above my island. I fell in love with the picture of a chandelier on the Decorum website, but I was a little nervous about buying such a valuable item from a picture and sending a check to a dealer I didn't know all the way in San Francisco. Jack put all my fears to rest. He was quick to respond to my emails (& there were a lot of them) and to any question I had - even the purely neurotic ones. He even brought the chandelier to his shop to photograph it illuminated so that I could see the detail in the frosted glass shades. He rewired it, refinished it as requested, shipped it out when promised and gave me step-by-step instructions for attaching the 1920's French shades. I have to say Jack had the utmost patience with me. I must've emailed him with questions for months before I finally made up my mind and he never once pressured me to "buy the damn thing already!" Instead he maintained good humor, reassured me that the chandelier was even more stunning in person than it was in the picture, and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Thanks Jack! I appreciate your great communication, your workmanship, your customer service and especially your good taste. The chandelier looks amazing in my kitchen!!

-- Michelle (St. Louis, Missouri)


Dear Jack,

The exceptional offering on the Decorum web pages make yours, truly, a "site" to behold! I can't begin to thank you enough for all the trouble you went to in restoring the sconces I recently purchased from you. They are just magnificent! Even my French Bulldogs are impressed:).

The superior quality and design of your hand-picked Art Deco pieces aside, your commitment to client service continues to astound me! In this modern day world, where so many transactions are completed anonymously, personal attention to buyers has seeemingly gone the way of the cigarette holder. You, however, have elevated the concept of service, once again, to an art. An art that, in my opinion, is as precious in these times as the rare and lovely items you deal in.

Thanks so much, Ill be back for more.

--Dawn Setzer (Vermont)


The Degue chandelier has arrived safely. With a nickel molded glass bowl and shades, it looked so charming in Jack's site. After several e-mails regarding the measurement and the shipping, he arranged the best transport company and made complete double-box packing for this beautiful lady for international shipping. Now she is elegantly shining in the new home.

Thank you so much, Jack. You have been very nice and kind. This is the best chandelier for my house.

--Masahiro Soutsu (Tokyo, Japan)


Dear Jack (Jacques),

The chandelier is a shimmering gem, and the wrapping -- what can I say other than it was packed as carefully as the Queen of England's crown jewels. It is even prettier than its photos.

It's wonderful to do business with someone who responds quickly to e-mails and even answers the phone -- in English and in French.

I only wish I had more rooms that require ceiling chandeliers so I could buy from you again.

-- Nancy Ruhling, New York City


If you see something on the site that you love in the photo, you'll pop a seam when it arrives and you see it "in the flesh." I've bookmarked Decorum for ages, admiring both the beautiful merchandise and the witty text....and waiting for clients who can appreciate it! I'm a designer by profession. Decorum has gorgeous pieces. The same high-end things available in NY's, LA's, and Miami's best showrooms. What Jack doesn't have is the matching prices, and occasional attitude! My inquiries receive responses that are quick and complete. That's so important when a pretty good sum is committed to the purchase of something you can't touch. Jack knows his merchandise. The packing is impeccable, and the pieces arrive in terrific, newly-waxed condition. My client is thrilled. I'm thrilled. Stop reading and go shopping.

Mary (La Canada Flintridge, CA)


Let the raves roll in! The light is simply perfect for our space and arrived in very, very good condition. We hung it yesterday and ... oh man! ... do we have a stylin' breakfast area or WHAT!

Thanks ever so much for getting the clean-up arranged and taking such care in shipping.

Cheers, Gary Kohler and Anne Drennan


How about perfect? That would describe the chandelier, the fun of communicating with Jack, his expertise and responsiveness. Go ahead and purchase; how often does one have a perfectly delightful buying experience?

EJ in La Jolla


For anyone interested in Art Deco or Art Nouveau lighting, please do youreself the biggest favor and work with Jack Beeler. First of all, he has the widest range of stunning pieces in pristine condition which he sources both nationally and internationally AND they look exactly as they appear on his website... or even better! Secondly, for those of you worried about having delicate glass sconces or shades shipped through the mail, rest assured, Jack does a phenomenal job of packing (and double boxing if necessary) his pieces to insure that your selections arrive totally intact. One final note: Jack's efforts do not necessarily stop there: SHOULD you receive your fixtures and belatedly realize that -- for whatever reason -- they do not fit your home or office space, Jack will gladly exchange them as he wants his clients to be totally satisfied with their purchases. One of my BEST "buying" experiences on the web, I cannot recommend Jack Beeler enough.


Betsy Bridges, Pacific Palisades, CA


Dear Jack,

In clearing through a raft of e-mail drafts, I just now realize that I never sent you the thank you letter I wrote. Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa! Please forgive that absentmindedness and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the very powerful painting by Abraham / Albert Weinbaum.

You did a first rate job shipping the picture to the east coast and it arrived without a scratch. In fact, it was so well packed that I was even able to use the inner box alone to carry the picture on the two airplanes that transported me back to my home, near Jerusalem.

I hope that I shall have the pleasure of dealing with you again one day in the future (I have recommended your name to a relative of mine who is a serious collector in the New York area who may also contact you at some point).

One of these days, I am sure that we shall find that Albert/Abraham—who met such a tragic end—was a relative of my grandfather. Meantime, thanks to your efforts, his art is appreciated and even cherished—and at least in that way he lives on…

Kindest regards,

Dr Laurence Weinbaum


Hello, Jack,

I can't belieeeeeeeeeve how quickly the lovely sconce has arrived! Received it yesterday. Fantastico, grazie. It's super, and the frame even nicer than I imagined.

Thanks so much for your patience and speed with your replies and for the super rapid postage and great packaging. Would recommend you to anyone who wants QUALITY French antiques at a reasonable price combined optimum friendly service. Ottimo servizio!

The whole transaction was so pleasant, I'm looking down your lists to see what else I can buy!

Grazie mille di nuovo. Au revoir Jacques.

Sue (in Australia)



It is just now, up!
Without a doubt, beautiful.
Exactly the right light, for the right place.
Perfect Poetry!

A quiet star that dazzles,
arrests motion, and captivates
where least expected – such
a sensation.

I will want to watch and see just
how illuminating this little light will be for others.

You would be pleased at the context.
When I have pictures, you will get them.

Kathy (North Vancouver, Canada)


My husband and I have always been art deco fans, but were at a loss as to where to find an art deco chandelier for our living room. I discovered Decorum online and was really excited about some of the pieces pictured there. I was even more impressed when I visited the store in person. Jack not only gave me a thorough tutorial on art deco glass bowls for chandeliers, but was happy to dig into his collection to find us the perfect piece. He crafted a beautiful fixture for the bowl and then - truly going above & beyond - came to my house (twice!) to ensure a perfect installation. The light is now my favorite part of our living room. Thank you, Jack

-- Mara (San Francisco)




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