What you see is NOT what you get!! (Huh?!)

The fixtures you see below are either shown "as found" or having had a few steps of restoration taken already. Over the 90 or so years since most of these chandeliers were made, their finish (usually nickel) has dulled from atmospheric bombardment (smoke, various other pollutants) or the over-zealous hand of Fifi the French maid. In general the question is simply what finish you'd like to see on the metal as it hangs in your home. Brushed nickel works wonderfully on many Art Deco chandeliers, most closely approximating the original nickel finish; chrome for the Art Moderne fixtures. Modern-day nickel plating has "brighteners" in it that the French of the 'twenties hadn't invented.

They weren't perfect at everything!

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(A) This amazing extra-terrestrially-inspired fixture sums up the Modernist look in one glance. Are we on Saturn yet, Dear? The metal will be (has been) redone in brushed nickel. It hangs about 26 long and is exactly that across with the "shades" in place.

Restored, looking like a million bucks, and SOLD!!



(B) Here's another striking French Moderne candidate for work for more than a couple of rainy afternoons... but, what else is there to do but get in trouble? I'm a staunch believer in "the Devil makes work for idle hands." Think chrome with these peach glass fins and shades, or brushed nickel?! Can you see it? Nice, huh? It hangs 30 long and is about 29 across. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(E) US Customs managed to break one of these opalescent shades as they searched my poor container for -- what, who knows? Drugs (I'm known for the occasional ibuprofin)? Stowaways? Dead rats? If it hadn't already been missing one shade when I bought it I'd crown them with it!!! So, now instead of looking for the one shade I'm looking for two. More's the pity! You do know this is by the famed designer Leleu, don't you? It hangs about 28 long and is about 25 wide. It's chromed -- that's original -- but the chrome's not in perfect condition. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(G) I'm not sure just how much of the "master's touch" this one really needs... but you be the judge. Which is to say, you can buy it just as you see it or with a new finish, either brushed nickel or bright polished nickel. The shades are attributed to the lauded French lighting designer Petitot (which is to say known to be but not marked) and the fixture itself, Boretti of Lyon. This exquisitive example of Art Deco on the cusp of Art Moderne hangs at 29 1/2 inches and it's about 16 inches across. As of this writing it's totally restored and looking tres chic to say the least.

All fixed up and SOLD!!



(O) This flared alabaster bowl (about 13 inches across) with its original cordelier has vivid markings. This alabaster has a special "je ne sais quoi" quality to it; it has the feel more of glass than stone (but it is stone!).

Sorry, all gone! SOLD!!



(P) Those aren't beads, they're cast metal! This chandelier has all the hallmarks of "High Style Art Deco," with refined details such as the brilliantly designed socket covers/shade holders and the elegant canopy; are we witnessing a Leleu masterpiece?! It hangs about 35 inches long and has a diameter of about 17 inches. This took me a mere 16 years to rewire, because I failed in a number of efforts, miserably I might add... (first time ever!)

SORRY, gone to Santa Barbara!


(U) Here's another impressively scaled Art Deco fixture with six world-class opalescent shades. This one is 32 inches wide and, having chain, can be hung at whatever length suits your situation. Again, the patina isn't in bad condition, but a re-do would send this powerful piece skyward! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)





(Y) The Petitot legend lives on, especially when beauties like this Moderne extravaganza pop out of the woodwork! It's got presence, too, with a drop of about 29 inches and a spread of 25! It has its original chrome plating, and will clean up nicely. What a statement this will make in your home!!! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)





(Z3) Well, how many decades -- yes, DECADES -- has it been since I've offered you even ONE outdoor fixture?! But... here are TWO!! WOOF!! This one is made of iron, but it could be nickel-plated, or just enjoyed for its antique patina... your choice. It hangs down about 25 inches and it's 10 inches across. And, it's all restored, rewired, and fitted with a glass tube shade, as promised!

(e-mail Jack to start the conversation)

(Z4) This one is also made of cast iron, but with more detailing...and it can be nickel-plated, or just enjoyed "dans son jus," your choice. It hangs down about 27 inches and it's 12 inches across. In both instances I've just rolled up a piece of paper and placed it where the frosted glass tubular shade will go.

SO restored, SO gorgeous, SO SOLD to Dietrich!!!


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