(A) Unusually vivid and bold markings separate this French alabaster bowl from the pack. There are quartz-like crystals in the alabaster, as well, which give it a radiance not normally seen. Most lighting bowls have just three mounts but this one has four, giving it additional visual appeal. Close inspection reveals a bronze canopy and four bronze rosettes that are particularly handsome. The bowl is about 16 inches across, quite heavy, and has a gorgeous glossy polished finish. Finally, there's that big dimple in the bottom that sends us over the cliff! It hangs down about 27 inches as shown, but as you can imagine, the chain can be shortened easily enough. I've got it configured with one socket right now, but I've decided to fit it with at least three, instead of the one in the center, for optimum diffusion of the light.

It took a while but the rightful owner showed up! SOLD!!


(B) Here's my latest creation -- a gloriously beautiful flaired alabaster bowl -- natural stone!! -- with subtle but eye-catching veining on this one side (the rest is fairly plain, although some of the stone has a quartz-like appearance). I've lovingly restored it to perfection (it's smoother than Baby's bottom) and added my special hanging apparatus (brushed nickel tubes and canopy). It hangs down about 17 inches and is 13 3/4 across, perfect for a "modern ceiling." I'll create the metal apparatus so the bowl will hang to your custom length, and you can choose whichever canopy you prefer from the first two pictures on this page.) One bulb in the middle gives it a nice uniform glow. Don't let the camera fool you, the stone is white with gray and black veining.

Would you expect such a beautifully shaped bowl to "hang around?" SOLD!!


(C) This is the first and only PINK alabaster bowl I've ever seen (or had!). I presume the ever-clever French (or Italians) who made it dreamed up some method of coloring the alabaster; but then again, Mother Nature has gifted us with other pink goodies, as you well know! The bowl's about 14 inches across and the entire affair hangs down around 17 inches. The price will include the creation of an apparatus than will hang the bowl to your custom length, and you can choose whichever canopy you prefer from the first two pictures on this page.)

So pink, so pretty, so SOLD!!


(D) You might be wondering if these flaired alabaster bowls grow on trees, as you're now finding two on this page! NOPE!! Rare, believe-you-me. This one is especially thick, almost a half-inch, and quite substantial as a result (and it's about 14 inches across and has a quartz-like quality). Alas, the silly French owner allowed a bulb to rest on the alabaster and the heat generated a crack in the stone. Not to worry, it's not at all (readily) visible, and there's not a chance that it's going to have any impact on the functionality of the bowl. So stop fretting! As you can see there's a bit of amber color on the bottom; otherwise the veining is minimal and quite abstract. The metal hanging apparatus you see in this picture will be custom-created to hang the bowl at your custom length, and you can choose whichever canopy you prefer from the first two pictures on this page.)

As noted above, unusual shapes catch the consumer's eye and... SOLD!!


(E) And straight from Jack's Bargain Basement! An alabaster bowl with vivid, bold veining -- 14 inches across and about 4 1/2 deep. The alabaster has cracks that have been epoxied, but it's still got plenty of service left in it. "Perfect" would be a LOT pricier!

Now happily hanging in Napa, and such a delicious vintage! SOLD!!


(F) Here's a smaller 12-inch diameter bowl in unrestored condition as shown. Once I've applied my "magic formula" it will be a bit lighter in color, not quite such deep amber, and smoooooooth, and with a very organic look. Again, the hanging apparatus will be custom-designed to your length specifications. You'll have a glittering jewel in your home, believe-you-me (and plenty of very satisied customers are in that camp!). (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(G) Totally restored and fitted with a gorgeous Art Deco canopy, this bowl will bring Beauty Herself right into your home. Just imagine Her at night, glowing like a distant moon or planet! She hangs about 17 inches long, and has a diameter of 14. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)