Unless you want to spend a little time being a "lookie-loo," leave this page immediately, because everything -- except the very first lamp --is SOLD!!


(A) I do believe this is by the Kopp glass company. A rather slick Modernist piece, wouldn't you say? I'll Kopp to that! Email Jack at jackbeeler@gmail.com for the price. I'll tell you where to get a fabulous custom-made shade, too! Hint: it's in Berkeley!




(D) Tres chic, nothing less -- clear and blue lucite!


(A) I've got all four original shades, the other two being in about this condition (how do you like your toast, crispy?). But, I know just the custom shade maker who can create brand new shades using these frames! Oooff, how cool is that? These are 13 inches high to the top of the highest socket, figure on adding about 6 or 7 inches to that to include the shades. Well, the lamps are all brass with their original chrome plating, which is in excellent condition, and (obviously) Art Modern/American 30's vintage. Three balls for feet, how do you like them apples?

Yes, these had to sell, looking so...cool...SOLD!!

(B) Again, solid brass with the original chrome plating, in very good to excellent condition. They're mock candlesticks that were created as lamp bases, not the other around, as we're used to seeing in our parents' homes (ooooo...strike one for our team!). They're 15 inches to the top of the sockets.

Wow, did I ever find a home for these! MINE!!


(C) A pair of highly coveted Chase bakelite and chrome spherical bases, 10 inches tall to the top of the socket. Of course I'll replace the frumpy brass sockets with vintage sockets that have been chrome plated.

Message from the Reluctant Seller: You don't want to know and I don't want to remember how little these FREAKING ICONS brought...alas, can't take it all to the next world...SOLD!!



(E) By Cowan, with classic Deco motifs.

Well, not exactly sold... I have had a custom shade made for it and now you can see it in here...



(F) A very heavy, high-quality piece of glass molded as a lamp base -- French, perhaps? Oui?





(G) Glazed porcelain, German, pre-war.

And away it rocketed... SOLD!!




(I) Just the thing for your eternal adolescent's 60th birthday gift, then he won't have to buy the Corvette. Cheaper, too.

Stephen, bless him, has recaptured his boyhood. And I've lost mine -- whaaaaaaaa.... SOLD!!!




(J) This is cute! Polychromed ceramic, mimicking ancient Chinese artifacts both in style and glaze... but in a fetching Art Deco style!

Soooo cute, soooo gone...SOLD!!




(K) Darling, can I have the cupid lamps by Aladdin?

All gone: SOLD!!




(L) Yes, Dear, if I get the opalescent lyres also by Aladdin...

TRES cool, tres SOLD!!




(M) Bakelite lamp bases of this quality are hard to find, but here they are!

And just how many of you would like to have these? SOLD!!



(N) ...and so are multi-colored lucity bases hard to find! Aren't these too cool?

And way too cool to stick around: SOLD!!




(O) Hard to see in this photo, but the bases are nicely etched with a floral motif, and the shafts are wheel-cut as well. Pink glass.

I finally put some shades on these and they danced out the door! SOLD!!




(P) You won't find a zippier pair of militariana (is that a word?) lamp bases? Roll out the cannons...

Stephen captured this killer (ha-ha) pair of lamps! SOLD!!





(Q) Sterling design on silvered bronze, by Silver Crest.

Fred nailed this Silver Crest winner! SOLD!!




(R) A particularly fine bakelite lamp base, about 15 inches tall.

Jack (moi) found a mica shade and will take this to his grave! SOLD!




(S) A pair of cute black-glazed Czech porcelain lamp bases; they're GLAZED in the fashion of the Chinese mirror black FINISH, which is so decoratory!

And behold, that decorator did materialize: SOLD!!



(T) What a fab black and lucite lamp base! I've got a couple of killer shades for it, and I've rewired it and fixed it all up, just for y-o-u!

Cheerio, SOLD!!




(U) A heavy and beautifully patinated cast white metal lamp base -- ideal for a child's bedroom (inner or outer child).

I just hope some youngster is learning to love books! SOLD!!