(K) A large rosewood dining table, this one a bold, "masculine" design. The top measures about 39 wide by 63 long, with a nice deep apron of about 5 inches. Super for the dining room or for use as a smallish conference table (for meetings of the elite). The grain on the top is every bit as vibrant as the grain on the columns. All that visual stimulation, I'm told, helps with digestion. Price as is: $2400. Refinished and mint: $5500. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



(N) A handsome and beautifully-crafted wrought iron occasional table, probably quite suitable as a coffee table. The clear glass top (not shown) has a distinctive scalloped edge. Approximate measurements: 38x17 by 21 high. $1150. (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)




(P) A strong, Moderne designed occasional table. Dimensions: 25 1/2 diameter, 31 high. Don't mind the dust on the base, it's been "gone over" by my professional restorer. Only $1375! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)



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