Just how "new" these listings are -- well, that's another story! I mean, you have to remember, there's nobody but little old MOI doing the buying, the selling, the restoring, the accounting, the golfing, the soaking in long hot baths and playing the bridge that screams to be played. At least I've recently marked which items are sold and which are still available; that's something, n'est-ce pas?!

(1) Here's something you won't see every DECADE! Or maybe even more than once in a lifetime (and this might be it, so take a deeeeep breath!). Des Hanots brings us this mind-twister, a six-pointed "hexopus" -- all one piece of glass!! Six bulbs in the middle, too! Yeow! The 29 inches of length includes that bold and gorgeous finial. Just replated in your favorite finish -- satin nickel!


(2) And while we're rattling on about "masterworks," here's a knock-out from Pierre d'Avesn, master glass designer who worked for Lalique and Daum before launching his own designs, many of which are now close to the top of the collector's food chain. This lighting bowl is an excellent example of his finest work (by the way, don't be fooled by the quasi-amber color, which is strictly the result of photographing the bowl when lit by incandescent bulbs; it's actually colorless frosted and clear glass). This thick, substantial bowl measures about 16 inches across, and as shown hangs down about 18 inches. A brilliant design, n'est-ce pas? Rare as the proverbial hen's tooth! This one is sold (well, in all honesty it's in my bedroom!), but I have an identical bowl which I can configure to hang exactly as low as you would like, with a different canopy than pictured (you'll have a choice of four).


(3) A totally FAB French Art Deco display device, with three glass shelves (adjustable up and down) measuring an ample 48 inches across; the shelves themselves vary in size, from about 8 to 11 inches deep, and are a serious 5/8 inches thick! The whole affair stands about 31 inches tall, and bolts onto a table, your floor, whatever... French Art Deco display at its finest, with chromed hardware (over solid brass, 'natch). Suitable for your most revered collection! I have another, almost identical, with just two glass shelves. Ultra-ultra rare!


(4) Here's a super-rare bird, a very large wrought iron "wall tree" as I have dubbed them. This total KILLER measures no less than 45 1/2 inches across (!!!) and 29 1/2 high. Yikes! Got restaurant?! I've had a beveled mirror fabricated for it (not shown) and it will gleam like a diamond when installed. Check out this page to see my many unique and gorgeous wall mirrors!


(5) A totally precious three-light with its original nickel patina, in near-mint condition! Diminuitive, perfect for the smaller entryway or hallway. Detailed to delight the Deco fancier...


(6) About seven inches of pure zig-zag on brushed nickel bronze bases!


(7) Then there's my new FINE ART collection, including paintings such as this dazzling Mediterranean harbor scene by Paul-Emile Lecomte, Dutch and Italian (and other) old master paintings by the likes of Coccorante, Donducci, Wolfsen. Yeah, yeah, I know, what does this have to do with ART DECO?!!

Answer: Nothing, but it's all part of the "Beeler Beauty Bash." SEE THE FINE ART COLLECTION


(8) Heavens to Betsy, Marge! Look what Jack's unearthed this time (as though from an archaeological dig?)! Mere words barely suffice (which is why we have pictures). Run your fingers over the deeply acid-etched decorations and you'll know it's Le Verre Francais! About seventeen inches across, with its original hand-wrought iron mounts, chain and canopy. (See additional photos!)


(9) This solid brass French table or desk lamp probably dates from around 1910, another example of "old world" quality so seldom found these (pitiful) days. Hand-blown signed Muller shades, in particularly vibrant and rare colors, complete a picture of grace and beauty. The lamp's about 19 inches tall, about 18 wide, and the base a full 9 inches in diameter! Yes, it's far too heavy for the cat to knock over!


(10) Fresh off the plane and safely through the jaws of La Poste and USPS, this petite Muller bowl (12-inch diameter, ideal for a small room or entryway) has extremely unusual and beckoning warm colors. An extreme rarity: the interior is coated with a layer of opalescence, which makes the bowl positively glow when lit. The bronze and brass metalwork went out the door on an alabaster bowl, but another equally delicious mounting is available! It hangs at about 20 inches long.


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